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Welcome to Kukkuukids! A popular Finnish online store for parents who are looking for children's clothes for their children that have the perfect combination of style, comfort and durability. At Kukkuukids, we understand that children's clothes are not just about dressing children; it's about igniting their imaginations, fostering their creativity and letting their personalities shine through cheerful fabrics and playful designs. It is also important that our child can move and play freely whatever the weather. Children's technical outdoor clothing and UV-protected summer clothing are a good example of this. was founded in 2010 and has been selling children's clothes reliably for almost 15 years already! As the latest reform, we have expanded our delivery area to the rest of Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltic countries.

Outdoor clothing for children

Quality and durability: We prioritize quality in every outfit to ensure that the children's outdoor clothing we sell can withstand active play. Reima, Molo, Hummel, Minymo and many other well-known children's clothing brands make high-quality children's clothing for both winter and mid-term.

Functionality: The clothes and accessories of the children's clothing brands we sell have practical features that keep the child comfortable and protected in any environment. For example, the development of Reima children's clothing has been done for 80 years!

Safety: We prioritize safety by selling only children's clothes made of high-quality materials and manufactured to a high standard. Many of the brands we sell have quality standards regarding e.g. harmful substances.

Environmental responsibility: We believe that by selling only high-quality and sustainable products, we can do our part to reduce our environmental footprint. Many brands such as Molo, Celavi and Reima also use recycled materials in their production.

Popular products in outdoor clothing include e.g. waterproof winteroveralls, padded jackets, padded pants, rainoveralls, rainwear and softshell overalls and softshell jackets. Traditional technical mid-season jackets and mid-season overalls are also on parents' shopping lists year after year.

Equip your little adventurers with the gear they need to explore the world around them and create lasting memories in the great outdoors. Adventure awaits - because every trip starts with the right equipment!

Children's toys

At Kukkukids, we believe that childhood is a time of exploration, creativity and endless imagination. That's why we've curated a diverse selection of toys that spark curiosity, spark joy and promote learning through play. From classic favorites to innovative new discoveries, our collection has something for every child to embark on their own unique journey of discovery and fun. Our selection of high-quality toys includes products such as from brands: Goula, Haba, Hape, Oppi&ilo and Janod.

Cheap children's clothes - check the Outlet selection!

Hardly anyone will be upset if you manage to find high-quality children's clothing at an affordable price. Children's clothes from previous collections and discontinued models can be found in our Outlet category. Children's clothes for girls and boys at very affordable prices can also be found at every brand. Children's clothing sale products can be found from all the children's clothing brands we sell, such as Reima, Molo, Levi's kids, hummel, Celavi, Minymo and Creamie. Buy children's clothes inexpensively online, we deliver your order quickly!

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