Online store delivery terms

Valid from 19.10.2023

General information about the online store

The products in the online store are sold by Kukkuukids / B So Clean Oy business ID 2003705-4. We sell products to private persons of legal age in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. The prices of the products include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and shipping costs. We reserve the right not to deliver products with a significant price error, e.g. zero euros.


As a rule, products are ordered online at through the shopping cart. Orders can also be placed directly through customer service at asiakaspalvelu(at) All orders are confirmed by e-mail, stating the price of the order, shipping costs and the ordered products. In order to receive an order confirmation, you must provide an e-mail address when ordering. Please also check the trash folder in your email if you have not received an order confirmation from us within one day! The customer agrees to the valid terms of delivery with each order. Please check that the email address and mobile phone number you entered are correct!

Confirmation of order

We will send you an order confirmation by e-mail and you can check the contents of the order through your user account on our website.

Payment methods

Products and their shipping costs are paid when ordering. In the online store, you can pay with the most common online banking codes and credit cards, and with Mobilepay by choosing Paytrail. Through it, the order can also be paid by invoice or installment by choosing Walley (formerly Walley). Collector). Payment takes place through Paytrail Oyj's website. A payment option for Paytrail is also bank transfer as a prepayment, payment information (e.g. due date) can be found in the order confirmation sent automatically to the email notified by the customer. If you have not received an order confirmation within one hour of your order, please first check your spam folder. If you cannot find confirmation, please contact customer service: 

Payments by Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard:

If you wish to pay with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard, Kukkuukids only acts as a marketer of products and services and also delivers the products to the buyer. Paytrail Oyj acts as the seller of the product in payments made with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard cards, and the transaction is concluded between the customer and Paytrail Oyj. The seller is responsible for all obligations related to the transaction. Paytrail Oyj is also the recipient of the payment.

Paytrail Oyj
vat number: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
Puhelin: 0207 181830

Online banking

The payment and financing service related to online banking payments is provided by Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj buys the payment and pays it to the merchant. From the user's point of view, the service works just like traditional online payments.


We will only ship the products when the payment is reflected in our account. We do not deliver products by cash on delivery. Payments shall be made to Nordea's account FI19 1432 3000 2278 68 Kukkuukids / B So Clean Oy, according to the information in the order confirmation. We process the order during store opening hours once payment has been made. If the payment is made by bank transfer in advance, we will hold the reservation for 2 days, after which the order will automatically be cancelled if the payment is un-paid (not shown in our account), and there will be no reminder for an unpaid order. Please note that if the payment comes from a party other than Nordea, there will be a delay of at least one day before the payment appears in our account. If you need more payment time, etc. Please contact our customer service

Delivery time

We ship paid orders every business day. As a rule, paid orders are shipped either on the same business day or on the next business day following the order. Deviating delivery times will be announced on the Kukkuukids website. Thin parcels are delivered to the mailbox as Posti's xxs package. Orders that do not fit in the mailbox are sent as Posti parcels, which must be picked up from the post office. Note: all orders to outside Finland will be shipped as a pick up parcel. The wish to pick up from a postal parcel locker can be stated in the shopping cart when placing the order (does not apply to deliveries outside Finland). All shipments are sent with a tracking ID that you will automatically receive by email once your order has been shipped. Please pick up your package on time! For ex. Finnish Post stores parcels that have send an arrival notification by SMS only 7 days! After this, they will be returned to the sender and the resulting costs will be charged to the customer (see exchange and return terms). If you have not received an arrival notification within 2-3 working days of the shipment, check the status of the shipment using the tracking number we sent from the postal website (might not apply on orders to outside Finland).

Delivery method and delivery costs

Delivery costs (0,00 – 15,95 €) include postage and packaging. Maximum shipping cost for deliveries in Finland is 5,95 € and outside Finland 10,95-15,95 €. You can check the shipping costs after selecting the payment,  delivery method and the country for the shopping cart. We deliver orders as a package to a pick-up point or xxs to your home, depending on the size of the order. Both packages can be tracked with a shipment ID (doesn´t apply on orders sent outside Finland). Kukkuukids takes no responsibility of possible custom fees for international orders (outside Finland).

Shipping outside Finland 10,95-15,95 €. Free shipping for  orders over 300 € 

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany: €15.95

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: €10.95

Shipping costs to Finland:

Total purchase maximum 49,99 €, shipping costs 4,95 €

Total purchase 50.00 – 100.00 €, shipping costs 5,95 €

 Total purchase over 100 €, shipping costs 0 €

Exchange and return terms

Returning products is free only from Finland. Customer is responsible of cost of the shipping from outside Finland. More detailed terms and conditions can be found in this text. In accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, the customer has a 14-day right of exchange and return. The right of return only applies to unused and marketable products in their original packaging. Please also make sure that any product tags are still attached to the product and the product has not been washed. To avoid returns and exchanges, please read the product information carefully and if you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to provide you with additional information (e.g. size measurements). We also ask you to ALWAYS notify our customer service ( in advance of returns, exchanges and complaints and wait for return instructions. Returns from Finland are made using Posti's customer return ID 630955, in which case the return is free of charge. Mark the ID on top of the package and take it to the post office. Keep the receipt you received from the post office until your return has been processed. If the customer wishes to return the product in a shipping bag other than the one where the products arrived to him, Kukkuukids will not refund the costs (e.g. the price of a new shipping bag). For return methods  other than those mentioned above (f.ex. returns from outside Finland), the customer is responsible for any costs/delivery. Please remember to pack the products appropriately, e.g. close the mailing bag carefully. Please include the following information: your name, address and phone number, (as well as your bank account number if you have paid for your order by bank transfer) or a copy of Kukkuukids' order confirmation/receipt. If the return has been made in violation of these return terms, we will not refund any additional costs incurred. Please note that failure to pick up the order will not be considered a return! Additional costs caused by non-collection and the resulting return of Posti's offices will always be charged from the customer (€10). This also applies to delayed order pick-up due to reasons beyond Kukkuukids' control, e.g.  delay caused by an incorrect telephone number and the resulting return of a post office.  If you already know before the package arrives that you do not want to keep the item you ordered, but the package has already been shipped, please pick up the order and make a return according to the instructions above. Remember to keep the receipt of the item from the post until the matter is closed. We only accept one free return per order. After this, the customer is responsible for the postage costs of the returns. Customer returning from outside Finland is always responsible of the shipping costs. If you wish to exchange an item, please return the product using the instructions above and place a new order as normal.

Return address:


Oravatie 7 a,

FI-02270 Espoo, Finland.

We do not accept returns more than 14 days after delivery. Once the return has been approved, the money will be refunded directly to the original payment method after the return has been received and processed. If you have made the payment by bank transfer (not via Paytrail), please send your bank account number with the return, where we can pay the refund. If the original total amount of the order has entitled to free shipping and then part of the order is returned, the delivery cost according to the final order will be deducted from the refund amount (see delivery costs above). If the product has been lost during transport, damaged or the wrong product has been delivered to the customer, the customer must immediately report the error to asiakaspalvelu(at) (24h) or +358-45 3166855 (Mon-Fri10-15). Notification of incorrect delivery or defective product must be made within 14 days of receiving the product. If the package is damaged in the mail, a complaint must be made to the post office immediately.

We reserve the right to change our terms of delivery. Before placing an order, the customer must familiarise themselves with the current terms of delivery. Kukkuukids handles all customer information in complete confidentiality. Kukkuukids undertakes not to disclose customer information to any third party.

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